Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

In addition to working with texts, we also offer you the possibility to create texts in several languages or to translate already existing texts for you. Our translations and texts are handled by our experts – experienced professionals and native speakers – who are absolutely familiar with the subject matter and not only know the language, but can also contribute their specialist knowledge. We make sure that the translations and transcripts of your texts into the foreign language are correct.

For this purpose we can rely on an international team of experts, who are fluent in German, English (British, American, Irish), Spanish and Portuguese, and we are constantly working to expand this list.

Entrust us with your texts. The team at SharkBiteCommunication will process them sensitively and with expertise. We are also happy to kill two birds with one stone and create search engine optimized translations and transcripts – certainly an interesting option, especially for texts published on the web on multilingual websites, which will certainly earn your website a higher ranking with Google and other search engines.

Catalog texts in different languages and texts for multilingual magazines are also a “piece of cake” for us. In particular, the team at SharkBiteCommunication is familiar with the problem of different text lengths in different languages, and we are trained to adapt our translations so that the layout is still appealing.

Another important aspect that is very close to our hearts is subtitles. Subtitles on YouTube or Vimeo are an important part of promotional videos with an advertising message, since they provide an excellent way of reaching international customers. The effective and reliable translation team at SharkBiteCommunication knows exactly what subtitling videos is all about. We capture the essence, but at the same time we don’t neglect the important details!

We look forward to receiving your texts and are eager to listen to you – just tell us what you need.

Please feel free to contact us!