Aquarium and Aquascape Photography

Aquariums and aquascaping represent a special passion of the SharkBiteCommunication team. With years of experience in both the private and professional world, we offer our clients a wealth of competence and expertise when it comes to staging and photographing aquariums and aquarium products.

Know-How and How-To

Clients appreciate that SharkBiteCommunications not only offers photography services when it comes to aquariums, but that we can also offer our expertise when it comes to creating and managing the aquascapes themselves. Many members of our team are dedicated aquascapers, whose encyclopedic knowledge runs the range from ornamental fish to crustaceans to aquatic plants.

We can assist you from the very beginning of your aquascaping adventure, acting as a live resource to answer any questions about flora, fauna or hardware before we even get to the photography stage.

Our Team

When it comes to aquarium photography, SharkBiteCommunication endeavors to be a one-stop-shop for our clients, offering everything from preliminary conceptualization to post-production touches in-house.


Clients get access to a highly trained team equipped with the most up to date hardware and methods when they choose to work with SharkBiteCommunications. We provide not only the mechanics to drive ideas forward, but a space for our clients to explore their own creative notions in.

We are mobile, flexible and determined to push your concept into any realm you desire. From the initial lighting to the final touch of removing suspended bits of dirt from the image, our partners receive attentive and effective customer service from start to finish.


Great students come from great teachers. At Sharkbite Communications we are constantly seeking out other innovators in the aquascaping field from whom we can learn. From the Japanese Grandmaster Takashi Amano, who has pushed the field of aquascaping into bold new territory, to various manufacturers whose products continue to improve and develop, we actively engage with the history, the research, and the development in the aquascaping field to provide our clients with the most comprehensive aquascaping knowledge available, ensuring a full six degrees of freedom for our business partners when it comes to exploring an idea.


Balance is key in all aspects of life, but it is the absolute foundation to effective photography. The art of capturing the essence of an aquascape lies in creating both harmony and tension between the various elements of light, palette, shape and space, and creating a geometry that keeps the eye from wandering. Whether you require high quality images for on-line or paper advertising, entries to aquascaping competitions, illustrations or product packaging, SharkBiteCommunications will stage your aquarium in a way that will produce maximum visual impact, resulting in your message hitting its mark.

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Let us guide you through the process of creating an awe inspiring aquascape, and of photographing it for whatever purpose you require.

Whether it be in our own modern studio facility or in your home or office, rest easy knowing that the team at SharkBiteCommunication stands ready to bring your ideas to full color, high definition life. Contact us today.

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